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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  November 19, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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face of a happy traveler. new intimate airport pat downs like this have many passengers asking what exactly is off limits. >> stranger groping you basically. >> reporter: tsa says during a pat down the screener of the same sex will exam he inyour head shirt and and waistband. breasts between the legs right up to the top of the thigh. women might be asked to remove a skirt given gowns or towels to cover up with. >> it's bothersome annoying we have to do it. >> reporter: not all travelers agree with 24 million americans flying for the thanksgiving holiday a rebell beyond has broken out at the security line it's not just passengers complaining. >> shoe bombers we have to take off our shoes. we're being groped groped because of the diaper bomber. what's next proctologist. >> reporter: a new district
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attorney says he'll prosecute agents who carry out excessive pat downs for sexual battery. >> if someone were to take their hand go skin-to-skin that's a felony. if it's done simply a touching over the clothing under california law that's a misdemeanor. >> reporter: john pistol says the alternative is unthinkable. >> the threats are real. that's what we are trying to deal with here. >> reporter: after pilots complained tsa says they will be able to bypass those scanners and pat downs by showing two i.d.s but many passengers say they will protest over the holiday by refusing to enter those full body scanners. take a look at this. some frightening moments aboard a delta flight when a cockpit above a window cracked at 34,000 feet. >> no air is leaking into the airplane no glass is break. it's we cannot county on to santa ana as you can imagine. >> the plane did land safely
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in dallas. many folks will be flying the friendly skies this holiday weekend, and if you think about what you should pack don't forget your health insurance. amanda was vacations in italy with her family when she had a medical emergency. a nurse had to fly back with her to the u. s. for surgery the bills were more than 22,000 bucks but her mother had bought a travel health policy. >> it was probably one of the best gifts she could have given me unknowingly. >> medicare does not cover medical costs outside of the u. s. most major health plans emergencies only when buying a travel policy know what you are getting. wintry weather brings cold, snow and of course flight delays but you have to have a -- you do have a lot of rights as a traveler. first off find out in the delay is because of the weather or something else. >> if a flight is canceled or delayed and it's a mechanical problem, the passenger has the
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right to receive hotel vouchers taxi vouchers and food vouchers if you're flight is over sold you are due cold hard cash. either $400 or $800. >> if you use a credit card to book your travel it could help. you also have rights if you get to your destination but your bags don't. if your baggage is lost you are able to get compensation up to 3,000 bucks. if weather cancels or delays your fly go over to the customer service desk and be persistent. for more travel tips, including things to check before you hit the road and how to keep your children busy during those long trips check out our web site at scroll over to the lifestyle section and click on the travel link below. if you think about it times you go on a plane it's over booked it's almost like a reverse auction will anyone give up their seat for a trip to hawaii. our travel weather is clear tonight, but that will change
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towards thanksgiving unfortunately for the wednesday before. right now it's a great time for early travelers to get out this thanksgiving week. clear travelers up and down the east coast. in the great lakes we don't see any lake effect snow developing from chicago back through detroit and cleveland. all is well across most of our part of the country. but it has been breezy at times today weather net stations across maryland reporting wind gusts as high as 20. winds have died off this evening behind sunset which came at 4:50. 4:49. temperatures in the mid 40s. we will continue to fall through the 40s and quickly down into the 30s. a chilly evening and a cold night. a sunny weekend on the way we'll breakdown what the temperatures do. they swing some and they swing wildly next week we have details straight ahead. here's a look at our top stories tonight. bel-air police make an arrest in a murder outside of the american legion practice kim muhammad killed a man in the
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parking lot. they arrested him in a south baltimore home. a 15-year-old girl suffered a shot to her leg and has to use a wheelchair. baltimore city police rescued 6 dogs from a dogfighting ring. a 7th dog found dead in a garbage bag. anonymous tip led police to a house. a third floor room was used as a dogfighting pit. they were kept in fit he conditions and underfed. no one has been charged at this time. today an off duty federal police officer charged with animal cruelty was found guilty of a misdemeanor and animal cruelty charges and discharging a firearm. officer keith sheppard was sentenced to probation. >> he was accused of shooting a siberian husky named bear bear. the owners say the dogs were just playing. harford county detectives have arrested an edgewood man for breaking into more than a
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hundred cars. this is the loot he collected after breaking into cars in harford baltimore counties. it includes jewelry cash and cameras. wowhe later broke a glass door in whitehall. >> through police work investigation the deputies were able to identify this individual linking these together. so they were able to obtain a search and seizure warrant go into the house in the 800 block of kingston court where they found over $25,000 worth of assorted goods and items that could be taken out of your car. >> police recovered more than a hundred gps systems from the suspect's house they are still trying to identify their owners. with the holiday season fast approaching many people will be out at the palace doing their christmas shopping. baltimore county police want to make sure that you're safe this season. when you're outside of the mall
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stick to well lit well traveled streets walkways and parking areas stay off your cell phone. don't flash a lot of cash expensive jewelry and clothing carry your close to your body ladies. if you'd like to read more tips to keep your safe this season log on to our web site at click on 8 ways to keep you safe for the holidays. my face is joining forces with facebook. how the major mash up will benefit users. >> plus are you guilty of over packing for tips. tips on how to pack lightly. that's going to go right in your glove. ohhh.
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. stocks finish a wild ride with modest gains of dow jones picked up 22. the nasdaq gained about 4 by was the only major market index to end the week with a loss. the s & p 500 was up 3 points. stay connected with your friends back home on your next trip to disney world and myspace announces a major mash up. barbara hall has the latest tech news to keep you clicked in. >> reporter: in an attempt to keep up with the social media take place myspace announces a mash up with facebook. partnership will allow myspace users to merge their likes and
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dislikes from facebook with their mice myspace account making it easier to keep up with all the updates. a connect with facebook button will appear on the myspace home page. both companies say plans for additional content sharing are in the works. it's myspace's way of admitting facebook is the king of social media. a trip to magic contingency domestic doesn't mean you have to leave social networking behind they have partnered with tour visiting walt disney world and disneyland can check in at different locations. they can earn disney branded stamps and pins. found a great restaurant and want to spread the word there's a new app for that. google hot spot allows users to rate and recommend 50 million locations around the world from your computer or android phone. you can also access recommendations from contacts within your hot spot network. creators say hot spot
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integrates the same concepts behind google places but in a more trustworthy user friendly medium. i'm barbara hall and you're now clicked in. >> also this week google announced allows users to search the latest trend in their personal style and even find some items they can purchase online from retailers. from glam to green the latest and greatest cars are now on display. some of the hottest new cars out. plus a couple earned quite a distinction. finds out what records the two were able to break. the severe weather is the big the downed power lines. this tree top we out, be aware, of the power ey in new
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york and new england, there's
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. tonight on 20/20 a teenage love triangle turns deadly after a girl is stabbed by a
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romantic rival. here's a preview. >> sarah and rachel, both dating the same guy josh comacho both under his spell arch rivals vying for his affection. it seems like a silly drama between two teenage girl it's not what happened on april 14th, 2009. >> they were both swinging arms and sarah had one really good grip on rachel's hair and rachel is flying up and. >> rachel and sara separate rachel stagers back to the mini van and chances. >> next thing i get a call from josh from the front lawn of my house. charlie come outside sarah got
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into a fight. they rush sarah into the emergency room while charlie and josh remain in the waiting room. >> i said to josh i got to sarah. you got to come. >> you can catch the entire store on 20/20 at 10:00 on abc2 followed by abc 2 news at 11:00. we've all seen parents trying to control their kids and get them under control, but what about parents who put their child on a leash. that's the topic of prime time's what would you do. would you speak up if you saw a child being mistreated like when this little girl was left alone outside of a store tied to a pole suddenly a woman comes running up out of nowhere. >> i'm actually going to talk to her call the police. >> why are you tying her down like that. >> she's fine. she's fine. >> don't touch her please, she's fine. if she doesn't want to go in i have to leave her outside.
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>> this is really disturbing. she's not an animal. >> this is a safety leash. this isn't tying her like a dog. >> you can watch the arrest of the scenario unfolds tonight on prime time what would you do at 9:00 right here on abc2. in tonight's consumer alert these days airlines charge for many things that used to be free. some tips from a packing expert on how you can minimize or even avoid some of those baggage fees. >> reporter: most major airlines charge $25 for the first checked bag and $35 for the second. many passengers are avoiding these fees by carrying their luggage on to the plane. getting everything into one small bag can be quite a challenge. doug diamond says the key is to make things smaller. >> one way for example to dramatically reduce bulk is to eliminate liquids from what
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you're carrying. toothpaste with tooth powder shampoo with a block of shampoo. >> reporter: how you pack clothing can make a difference. don't stack or roll clothes. >> a better technique is bundle wrapping which involves wrapping the clothing around a central core object rather than folding it doesn't result in wrinkles. >> reporter: packing items in your shoes frees up more space. packing small will help keep your wallet bigger. we go from tornadoes to sunshine. >> we've had it all this week haven't we rosie. heavy rain, some gusty storms and of course now crisp fall weather has been in store. beautiful blue skies today. keep it going all weekend. pattern shift coming next week. it really does look like if you can travel early for thanksgiving this is going to
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be the thing to do. because right now the busiest travel day of the year wednesday looking like winter weather and wind and rain all across the country. bad travel weather. >> makes those traffic jams even more miserable. >> take off a day early if you can. take a look outside crisp and clear tonight. not a bad night at all in the city as we la at the general pattern right now. 47 degrees winds calm and humidity quite low 48%. baltimore today lot of sunshine good looking weather. not a lot going on here. you see a couple of high thin clouds at times. and then we clear off nicely toward sunset which was before 4:50. 4:49. awfully short days they get shorter for another months they will start to get alonger after december 21st. reagan today, you know hey clear night in the nation's capitol. current winds have died off. little gusty earlier today, but winds have really died off. there's almost no wind out there tonight. a still night but a cool night. 47 degrees and 40 in york, 43
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in dulles. highs today running in the low 50s. they will warm up some tomorrow. we'll add about 5 degrees or so we'll be back to low 50s on sunday with a brief shot of cooler air. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast tonight going to be a big day in pg county. college park big game there florida state comes to town tomorrow night looks clear and cool. penn state goes into action against indiana against fedex. sunshine in glen burnie as well. across the bay warmer toward denton. we may hit 60 or so. i'll call that 58. high thin clouds northern virginia. no rain with these clouds we should stay rain free into early next week. things get more active towards wednesday and thursday in the meantime relatively quiet. cooler air building in across the upper midwest. billings, montana only into the
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20s. cold stuff in that direction. but high pressure controls this weekend. we'll see temperatures warm up a little bit as we go into the day tomorrow. but then that colder air arrives sunday drops us back down to 50 or so for a high sunday. future forecast clear skies tonight, tomorrow. really no weather inbound until we get well past this weekend. >> enjoy it out there our last weekend of november last full weekend i guess thanksgiving it looks like classic fall weather. enjoy it. the bottom line is the weekend after this one, thanksgiving not looking as nice. overnight 31. then as we take you into tomorrow we're talking about 56 mostly sunny and breezy tomorrow night just quiet and dry, and again looking ahead, this is where things get interesting. warming it up early next week then big weather coming in wednesday into thursday. did chance for rain and rough travel weather right through
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the turkey holiday. rosie. lean mean and a whole lot of green. that's the theme at this year's la auto show. what's hot for the highway. >> reporter: at the los angeles auto show the industry's latest and greatest are on display. from glam to green and in many cases both. take the new jaguar cx75. heavy on sex appeal and gleaming metal easy on the environment it's an electric car. this fuel cell powered mercedes has zero emissions. the only byproduct water. >> 54 miles to a gallon tons of torque on demand really fun drive. >> reporter: meet the 2010 motor trend car of the year the chevy volt another electric car. >> ii car.
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downsizing another trend. this teeny cadillac i's big on wow factor. with doors like these you could almost travel back to the future. now all you need is a flux capacitor. yearning for a european vacation what if italy comes to you. fiat 500 is now on american shores. >> you can't buy that much personality at that price. >> reporter: how about taking the latest ford mustang for a test drive. check out the mini truck complete with mini mustang you can race. if serious speeds and two wheels are your thing you may be dreaming of a did you qatif. the old thing has never been more true. it's not where you go it's how you get there. a local student joins the likes of michael moore, mark sanchez and tim tebow. tonight we're going to introduce you to the football phenom who has been chosen to
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tallest married couple. a combined height of 13 feet 4 inches. they we are measured and awarded the record just a few weeks ago. after years of tradition the turkey chosen for the presidential pardon will not be heading to disney world this year. we'll tell you where the fowling being rooted to on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts over there. city police finds a k-9 house of horrors as blood smeared walls reveal a dogfighting house. good evening i'm kelly swoope. 7 dogs 6 living one dead removed from a home on north payson street. roosevelt leftwich back with more on this story. >> reporter: kelly, charges have not been filed in this case. police say they got a tip that dogfighting was going on inside the house. when they got there they found the dogs but no


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